To transfer a domain to iDAQ simply go to our secure store page and select the 'Domain Registration and Transfer' option. But before your do that please read below for important information regarding transfers.

For .uk domains all you need to do is request that your current registrar change the TAG (sometimes referred to as the IPS-KEY) to IDAQ. (Note: please place a transfer order via our online store before you request the TAG change).

For all other top-level domains (including .com .net .biz .info .org .cc .us .cn) before a transfer request can be initiated you will need to first make sure that the domain to be transferred is not under REGISTRAR-LOCK, if it is please contact the current registrar and request its removal (to check if your domain is locked view the Whois database, look for a field named 'Status', you can do this here: )

The next thing you will need is an authorisation code (sometimes called an EPP code), if you don�t already know this you will need to request it from your current registrar. Once the transfer request has been initiated, we will send an email to the current administrative contact to approve the transfer. Please make sure the admin contact is aware of the transfer before creating a transfer order- to find out who the administrative contact is please view the Whois database.

For country-code top-level domains, such as- .it .fr .be .nl .de, there may be more specific requirements, please see our ccTLD registration FAQ.