This could have happened for a number of reasons, a transfer is not possible if:
  • The domain is under "REGISTRAR-LOCK".
    Registrar lock can be enabled/disabled by your registrar; this feature is used to prevent unauthorised domain transfers.

  • The domain has expired or is in the "REDEMPTIONPERIOD"
    When a domain reaches its expiration date it enters the redemption period. The redemption period gives the current registrant the opportunity to renew registration before it is made available to the public. If your domain has entered the redemption period or expired you will need to renew your registration with the current registrar before you can transfer to a new registrar.

  • The domain has not been registered for more than 60 days.
    As is the industry norm, you can not transfer a domain within the first 60 days after registration.
  • The domain's admin contact did not respond to the auto-verification email. An automatically generated email will be sent to the domains admin contact (see the whois if you dont know who this is), within this email there are instructions on how to either approve or reject the transfer request. If no responce to this email is received within 4 days of it being sent the transfer request will be cancelled.

If you have a problem transferring a domain please perform a Whois lookup for the domain in question; to do this please visit this page: . Look for the relevant info such as: status codes, expiration dates etc... this may help you diagnose your problem. Failing that, create a support ticket and we will be happy to help.