1. Log into the control panel 

  1.  On the right-hand side of the screen you will see a link ‘Backup Manager’ Click that 

  1. In the next screen you can see some buttons to manage your backups, if you already have backups they will also be shown here.  


  1. To create a backup, click the ‘Back Up’ button 

  1. Unless you have specific requirements leave the content as is.  

  1. We suggest that you leave the type as incremental as taking full backups will take up a lot of space. Incremental will still backup everything but successive backups will only backup files you have changed.  

  1. You can then configure the backup settings; we suggest you leave these settings unless you have specific requirements.  

  1. Click ‘Ok’ 

  1. A backup will start after it has completed you will be able to download a backup to store off site, you can do this by clicking the down arrow on the far right.  

  1. You can also schedule backups by clicking the schedule button, we recommend you do this as it means you do not have to remember to run a backup every time you change your site.  

  1. Select ‘Use Incremental Backup’ we recommend you run the full backup weekly.  

  1. After you have configured everything select ‘Apply’